Thursday, July 31

Kid Free

Well, this weekend is Jason and my 11th wedding anniversary (maybe I'll post some wedding pics later). So, mom agreed to watch the kids for a couple days so Jason and I could spend some time together. Yesterday, Jason dropped the kids off at mom's house around 10:30 am. He then went to run errands while I decided to sleep (I had worked the night before after all). Jason tried to wake me up at 3pm (exactly when I told him to wake me) but I decided to keep sleeping until 4:30. What can I say--I was tired. Then that evening we went to Medieval Times for the evening. Sadly, even though we meant to take pictures of each other in our silly paper (red and yellow) crowns we never actually did. Anyway, it was a fun evening without the kids. I mean who doesn't like going out to dinner with your husband and getting to eat with your hands? We checked on the kids on the way home and got to tell them goodnight. They sounded sleepy but like they had had a good day. Then we got to skip the "get the kids to bed" routine and just get ourselves to sleep. It was great to not be woken up at 7 am this morning by kids jumping on the bed and asking for breakfast. Of course we did oversleep and left the house a little late for Jason's first work appointment this morning. We have spent the last 4 hours in Arlington working and are now on the way to go get lunch and then go get massages here. Then tonight is dinner and a movie and then another night without kids. We pick up the rugrats tomorrow morning (mom has to work tomorrow night). So that's what we're doing. I'll keep updating as things keep happening :-).

P.S. If you want a great massage you need to make an appointment at the website I mentioned above. Besides being a great massage therapist Sherri is a good friend and her daughter and Adreyn are great friends too.


Tamra said...

sign me up for a massage. I need one so bad. I wish I had someone that I really liked and went to all the time. Every time I decide to book a massage I have to think about who I want to try this time. =(
Anyway, have a great time with Jason and being kid free. Happy Anniversary for Saturday!!