Saturday, July 19


We went to check out a private kindergarten for Tristan yesterday and are pretty sure that we are going to enroll him. They have good student:teacher ratios, and the teacher has a masters degree in special ed. He seemed to like the school and really wanted to be allowed to just wander everywhere. He was great with the director of the school--he introduced himself, answered her questions, and asked to "go see the kids". He also asked if he could take the playground home :-)

Visit mom's blog for pictures and video she took of the kids while she generously watched them for us Thursday night and Friday morning. Thanks so much mom!!!! We really appreciate it!!! I'm working my usual 3 day weekend and Jason is getting into his busy time of the month so will be working all day today too--so we are BUSY!!! Thankfully, the kids are all feeling better and are (generally) in good moods. Enjoy your weekend!