Tuesday, July 15

Back to work

Well, after a slow, sleepy weekend we are back to work. Don't you ever wish that work would just stop but it was okay for it to stop and you really didn't need the money that truthfully you really really need but you just really don't want to go back to work? How's that for a run-on? Well, that's what I manage to write after working all night. :-) Luckily work wasn't too bad or busy last night--just slow and steady--of course with slow and steady you get sleepy faster. And when you can't sleep at work it makes you even sleepier, I think. Then you apparently don't make sense when you are typing your blog post.

Anyway, kids had a good lazy weekend--of course, the usual fights, ouchies, etc, but overall good. Jason was also able to take the weekend off which is nice considering that the busy part of the month is approaching fast. Me, I was lazy this weekend but have 48 hours scheduled this week with an additional class to teach so I will be busy this week definitely. I'm planning to take the kids to the $1 movie tomorrow morning if I can stay awake after working all night--it's great fun to go zone out in a theatre while your kids stuff themselves with soda, popcorn, and candy at 10am. Just kidding. Then Thursday we are going out for the semi-annual get-together with Jason's boss. Mom is watching the kids so that should be nice to have a "date" for once. Friday we are going to tour a school that has a private kindergarten to see if we think it would be better for Tristan this year instead of public school. I'll let you know what we decide.

I'll try to get more pictures taken this week and get them posted.

Check out Tamra's blog for yummy pictures of homemade cinnamon rolls--now I've got to plan ahead to make some!