Monday, February 28

So sleepy

I'm so sleepy today...I worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights 7p7a.  For some reason I couldn't sleep most days after working.  Friday I slept about 3 hours, Saturday about 5, Sunday I slept 7 hours or so, but did not feel like I caught up at all.  Today, I went to breakfast with Jason and a friend, we enjoyed ourselves :-)  We came home and quickly straightened up the house because the people who were supposed to come tomorrow to clean the dryer vents decided that they needed to come today instead.  Once we had done that I was completely awake!  Jason left for work, I watched some TV and finally decided to just go to bed and see if I could fall asleep.  I finally drifted off around 1:20 or so...just to be woken by Jason coming home to let the vent people in around 1:45.  I was then WIDE AWAKE!!!  Not Jason's fault, just the way it goes!  I'm gonna take some Tylenol PM this evening and get some good sleep I think!!!!

Things are all going good here.  My upright freezer gets delivered tomorrow!!!!!  Can't wait to get to fill it up!  Isn't that a funny thing to be excited about???