Monday, February 14

Another long week

Time is flying!

This past week we got to deal with our dryer still ran, it just didn't heat.  This is NOT a good thing since there are 5 of us in this family.  I worked all weekend so mom was kind enough to let me bring over the laundry and use her dryer on Thursday so we could get caught up before I went to work.  THANKS MOM!!!! 

I had actually a great weekend at work...nothing exciting just a good weekend.  Today I stopped by CVS on the way home and ended up getting $18.05 worth of items for only $0.05!  I was so excited!!!!  Then for Valentines Day Jason and I got the dryer fixed!!!!  Yay!  Now just to get caught up!  Oh, and I made biscuits and gravy for us for breakfast this morning.  It was yummy!  

Tomorrow I have to get up early for a class in Plano (postponed from last week due to the snow).  Then back to work Wednesday and Thursday.  Then, I'm on call Sunday (hopefully I'll get to stay home) then don't work again until next Thursday.  Jason's birthday is Tuesday, Tristan's 2nd grade program is Tuesday, and then we have middle school parent orientation for Adreyn on's a busy week next week!

Jason is busy this week too.  But we aren't complaining :-)