Monday, February 2


Well, not alot going on in school, rehanyn at home, jason working, me working. And, there may be some news on the horizon (no, no more kids) but I don't wanna talk about it on here just yet as I won't know anything definite until early next week. Those of you who know what I'm talking about--keep thinking of me and send good thoughts my way...those who don't--well, you'll have to wait until next week. HA, neiner, neiner, neiner :-)

Confused yet? Me too :-)

BTW, congrats Tamra on making baby #4! I still think you are crazy though!


Tamra said...

haha, thanks for that! =) And I do know what you're talking about and am praying for you!!

Debbie said...

Hey - I feel left out. :( But I will be praying for you. Hope it turns out the way you want.