Wednesday, January 21

Tristan's first day with new teacher

Well, yesterday was Tristan's first day with his new teacher. He got a sticker on his behavior chart so that was good. He had a couple papers sent home that he completed in school and they had *gasp* POSITIVE comments on them. He had written numbers by himself (teacher said he needed coaxing but did do it) and you could actually read them, and he did another page where you read the days of the week and then write the days of the week and he did it all by himself and although it was messy you could actually read what he wrote!!! Hopefully this keeps up but we are very encouraged that this new teacher is the best thing for him!

Also, yesterday Tristan came out and was talking about Aerodactyl (a pokemon) and was very easily understood (and pronounced it perfectly!). He is doing so much better with his speech--it seems like his problem sounds are the "l" and "r" since he pronounces both as "w" (i.e. "wion" and "wabbit")


Tamra said...

YAY!!! so glad that it seems this teacher will work out better! Tried to leave a comment yesterday about Rehanyn but computer was acting stupid. anyhoo...=)

grammynurse said...

It's good to hear POSITIVE Tristan is growing more everyday and that will continue with a positvie teacher to help him