Monday, February 16


Kids in school--even thought it's a federal holiday. Jason's car is back in the shop--AGAIN!!! Apparently last time it was in they broke a couple of things and didn't feel like telling us and "jerry-rigged" it. I got to stay home from work Friday so was actually awake on Valentine's Day :-) Jason's brother Jerry was in Oklahoma checking on a construction job so he drove down to visit on Saturday. We got to go out to lunch and then Jason, the kids, and Jerry went to Jason's parents house for the evening while I went to work. I came home Sunday morning and decorated a Elmo cake for a little boy, then went to bed and back to work that night :-). I'm still waiting for news on the job I interviewed for--hopefully I will hear something this week. We will stay busy this week but I have this weekend off--plus Jason's birthday is this week, so that is good. Nothing else exciting happening :-)