Sunday, February 22


Let's see--can I remember the last week???

Sunday--worked all night

Monday--2 kids in school, Ree at home, slept a little, got upset about the hospital deciding to move the NICU reunion back (for a stupid reason)

Tuesday--Did lots of laundry--2 kids in school, Ree bored at home, Tristan came home and did great on his homework (only has hw on tues/thurs) and then did extra work just 'cause he wanted to. :-). Taught discharge class at work.

Wednesday--had lunch with a friend, took Ree (to Red Robin of course), picked up Adreyn from school, Tristan had tutoring then came home, then on to work

Thursday--slept, Ree went to work with daddy, back to work. Happy Birthday DAD

Friday--found out that I didn't get the job I applied for (*lovely* generic email to let me know) Jason got more upset than I did, calmed Jason down, slept, laundry, refused to cook dinner--had dickey's bbq instead :-) slept some more

Saturday--more laundry, jason not feeling good, jason worked for awhile, to mom and dads for dinner with Tasha/Phil, Mom/Dad, Us and lots of kids.

Sunday--Jason's birthday, lazy day at home, kids sang "happy birthday" to their daddy, over and over, and over. Jason still didn't feel good. Had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy for dinner (yeah--my house smelled yummy) Played with a new Playdough Ice cream parlour set tonight. The kids loved it--of course the playdough colors are already all mixed but I guess that is the joy of playdough right? OH, we got a thick envelope from the speech teacher at school about the evals that have been done for Tristan's speech. Long story short--he's been "diagnosed" with an articulation disorder and qualifies for speech therapy 2x/week. The good news is that other than the articulation part he tested well in everything else. Yay!!!

I'll have to take some more pics and post them this week.

This week is busy too--Jason is swamped with work--here's our week--jason will be working every day I'm sure

Monday--I have a meeting before work (I think I'm gonna cancel it though) then work all night

Tuesday--have a meeting at 7:30 am then work all night

Wednesday--need to sleep a bit then have a parent/teacher conference for Tristan at 3:30pm. Then have NICU Support Group in the evening

Thursday--I'm sure I'll have lots of laundry to do and will need to catch up on some sleep. Adreyn has science club after school

Friday--we have a meeting regarding the results of the evals that have been done about his speech--we will see what happens with that. Like I said above--the plan so far is to have speech therapy 2x/week. This meeting is with his teacher, the speech teacher, the diagnostician, and the vice principal I believe so--we'll see.

Oh then I work Friday, Sat, Sun--so maybe I won't post much this week--we'll see. I need to get back to my posting every day. I've gotten too involved on facebook so have been spending my time there instead of here :-)

Hope everyone has a good week!