Friday, February 27

ARD Meeting

Admission Response Dismissal (ARD) We are in the Admission phase. It was a good meeting. Tristan will be starting speech therapy next week. We also asked to initiate the evaluations for occupational and physical therapy. Tristan's teacher also wants the evals done. Apparently this week the Physical Therapist was in the gym during PE (with another student) and told Tristan's teacher that she thought that she should be seeing him. So I think this will be a good thing for him. So, once the additional evals are done we will have another ARD meeting to decide what other therapies may be needed,etc. We probably won't have that next meeting until middle to end of April.


grammynurse said...

Soo good! Too bad it had to take a new teacher to recognize the help Tristan could get. Miss Carver shouldn't be teaching next year! Are you feeling better, Tanya?