Thursday, February 26

Tristan's Teacher Conference

Well, I should probably have Jason write this since he went to the conference. I planned to go but woke up feeling very, very yucky so Jason went on his own. Anyway, the conference was only about 20 minutes long (the last 3 we've had were an hour or so). This was the first conference with his new teacher though. Jason said it was all very positive. The teacher is happy with his progress since he has been in her class. (I need to scan some of his homework to show how well he is doing). She said that some of it seems to just be that Tristan needs to "want" to do his schoolwork, if he doesn't want to...he just doesn't do it. she also said that Friday's seem to be his worst day--don't know if he is just tired on Fridays or knows that the weekend is coming. She said that she was pleasantly surprised today (okay yesterday--it's after midnight) when she brought out word flashcards and he read/knew all the words. YAY TRISTAN!!!!! So overall, great conference!!! We really like this teacher. Hopefully she can be Rehanyn's teacher next year. Speech therapy for T is supposed to start next week apparently. We have the ARD (no, I can't remember what that stands for right now!) meeting on Friday so I'll update about that then.