Saturday, May 3

Rehanyn has another ouchie

I swear--this child is accident prone. Of course, my family and husband say that she gets that from me and I guess I would have to agree--I've had some weird accidents happen to me. :-)

Anyway, Rehanyn and Tristan share a room and to get them to actually sleep and not play Rehanyn is still in a crib--of course she can climb in and out by herself. Well, naptime on Wednesday she went to climb into bed and somehow lost her balance and wacked her head on the bed. She had an immediate huge goose egg on her head and had scraped skin off on top of it. Needless to say she was screaming for awhile.
Here you can see the scrape and the purple color.
I wasn't able to get a good picture showing how raised it was but here is another angle and another view of the purpleness (is that a word?) of it.
Now it is Rehanyn's favorite conversation starter. "I got ouchie on my head--I fall down in my bed and hit my head" etc., etc.

Luckily she is doing fine and now we will have a good story to remind her of when she is older.