Tuesday, May 27


Just some random thoughts:

--Figured out why Tristan looked like he was sitting up while sleeping in the previous post--he had filled his pillowcase with all of his stuffed "aminals" that routinely sleep in his bed.

--I am trying to decide if I'm going to cut Rehanyn's hair--it definitely needs a trim but I am so scared to cut it and lose her curls. I have never cut it so it definitely needs it.

--I can't believe that school is out a week from Thursday.

--Adreyn will be a 3rd grader--she's growing up too fast

--I've been reading some "random" blogs and find myself continually being thankful that my kids are healthy and were born without any issues. With my job taking care of premature and critically ill kids I am drawn to some of these blogs (one where a husband blogs about almost losing his wife and premature daughter) and then to some of the sadder (is that a word?) blogs where people have actually lost their children (some immediately after birth some after several days) The way these families deal with this is in a word--inspirational. I mean, in our immediate family mom had 11 grandkids born in 6 years--all essentially healthy (only one NICU stay and that one belonged to the NICU nurse mom {me}) and all are still healthy. What kind of odds are those. We were blessed to have healthy kids.

--We are getting ready to go on vacation in about 2.5 weeks. (all 5 of us plus my mom and dad) and Jason is already teasing me about my need to start making lists for everything we need for vacation. I guess it's a good thing he can still laugh at my obsessive need to make lists. We haven't gone on vacation before--we've planned to but the plans have always fallen through. We are just praying that everything works out this time and no one gets sick. We are going to San Antonio for 3 nights. Adreyn is getting very excited and is looking forward to seeing dolphins. Mom and Dad said they are looking forward to seeing the Alamo. I'm looking forward to time off work but figure I'll actually be more tired when we get back from vacation than I would if I had worked all those days :-)

--Jason is really busy right now. Work is going well--so well as to be almost overwhelming sometimes. He's actually had to get my dad involved to make sure stuff is done on time. It means Jason is working long days but at least we can't complain about not having work.

--Tristan will be 5 in 2 weeks. I really can't believe it!! He should start kindergarten in the Fall. It just doesn't seem like he should be 5! He is growing up so much and his speech is improving every day--he is still hard to understand sometimes but getting so much better. I think school will really help with that too.

--I need to figure out what to do about Rehanyn's attitude. She so firmly believes that she is the little princess and everyone else is her loyal subject and should do exactly what she wants and she is entitled to have whatever she wants even if someone else is using it. We've used spanking, time outs, and she is still just a pain in the butt!!! Gotta work on that! She is also a big fan of saying "NO" and throwing impressive fits--and STUBBORN--what a will that child has! Wonder where she got that lovely trait :-) Of course it couldn't have been from me!

--Adreyn got to IM her Aunt Tamra for the first time last night. She LOVED it and is now so addicted! She asked this morning before school if we could try again tonight and then added that she would like to right now but that it is nighttime in AU so Aunt Tamra would be asleep.l Adreyn did great with typing all of her own comments (and loved the emoticons) I think it is a great way for her to work on her writing, spelling, and communication skills. Now we just have to talk Tamra into agreeing to keep on talking to her JK--Tamra said she would get her girls involved next time :)

--Later I'll post pics of my new henna art. My friend Tas does this for me and I just love it! This one is so pretty--it looks like flowers and butterflies.

Okay--enough of me just typing whatever is popping into my head. Hope you enjoyed the updates--if not, oh well :-)


Tamra said...

had to laugh at the whole list thing. I make huge amounts of lists for absolutely everything and Josh is so not a list person. And I loved talking to Adreyn and look forward to doing it again. Make sure you take before and after pics of Rehanyn.