Friday, May 16

Catch up

Haven't blogged in a while--so let's catch up

Adreyn was Student of the Week last week!!! Yeah, Adreyn!!!!

Tristan is still crazy about Pokemon--I did get his birthday supplies in this week!

Rehanyn is almost potty trained!!!! Hopefully just a couple more weeks!

Jason picked up some new territory for work and has been quite busy. Plus he's been being a great daddy/husband taking the kids during the day for me when I need to sleep after work and taking care of them when I'm at work. He's such a great guy!!!!!

Me, well, I've been chatting quite a bit with Tamra (so nice to be able to keep in touch this way) and we've managed to crack each other--and mom--up trying to spell the "raspberry" sound (I say it is "ppffffffflllllllluuuuuuuubbbbbbbbttttttttttttt" or something like that) and explaining "rotflmbo", and "lol", and "rotfl" to mom. Amazing how just typing back and forth on an instant messenging service can make you fall out of your chair laughing.

I've also been working my usual shifts and just loving on those sweet babies. We had a good NICU Support Group meeting on Wednesday--got to see one of the graduates who is almost a year old!!! I've been able to come off a couple of committees at work so I'm enjoying the extra time I get at home with the family.

So--no big changes--just alot of the same stuff and life keeping us busy.


Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB Adreyn Very proud of you Grammy