Friday, October 7

And these are the CAH-RAZY weeks of my life 8-)

After my "ups and down" week I had an okay week...I really don't remember it much.  Then I had another CAH-RAZY week!  I worked 6 12 hour shifts in a row, so 72 hours (2 weeks worth) in those 6 days.  I had 1 day off (and I spent it sleeping and grocery shopping...hadn't been in almost 2 weeks) then worked the next 4 days and logged 38 more hours this week.  I would like to say that my paycheck will be *AWESOME* but I think 'uncle sam' will end up taking more than his fair share. Work is still crazy busy BUT I have hired a few people.  The first 3 people I hired are ones I worked with at my last job.  I love getting to see them again.  I've hired one other person and have a couple more interviews to go. Hopefully, once I get enough staff I'll be able to spend my time getting caught up on the management side of my has been shoved to the side lately.

On a good note...the kids are doing well in school.  However, I think I need to have another talk with Tristan's teacher because I think she is being a bit too easy on him...because now he is not doing his homework (which he loved last year) and his behavior all around is just not good...last year's teacher made him toe the proverbial line and he did so well because of her high expectations.

I have this weekend off and I'm looking forward to resting up and hopefully getting stuff done around the house and spending time with my family...I've missed them.

Next week should be interesting...Jason's grandmother passed away on Wednesday night and he will be taking some time next week to drive his parents to Pensacola for the funeral.  So, my work schedule will be crazy next week again but it should actually end up with me having shorter days at work...YAY!!!!