Friday, October 28

5 question Friday

1. Do you prefer cotton, silk, or flannel sheets?  Before I was married, I only slept on satin husband Hates satin sheets. So, now we sleep on cotton sheets...with the highest thread count I am willing to pay for. 

2. What time zone are you in?  Central time zone with DST almost over...

3. What is your favorite part of the holiday season?  Christmas music...after thanksgiving please, thank you very much!

4. What is your favorite "wintry" drink? (It doesn't have to be an "alcoholic" drink!)  Peppermint hot chocolate...yummy!

5. In your opinion, what is the worst job in the world?  nursing assistant on a med/surg floor or a nursing home...all you do is clean up **** and give baths and clean up more ****, etc, etc, etc....  I know many nurses assistants and they love their jobs, but in my opinion that would be the worst job EVER!!!  And that is of course because I have the best job ever (just like Mama M).  I mean, who doesn't like to experience (not personally) the miracle of birth and caring for that new little life (I do the baby side instead of the momma side) every day you are at work :-)


Abramyan Avenue said...

I bought us a pair of satin sheets and we all were slipping and sliding off during the night. We NEVER got a decent nights sleep with those darn satin! We use cotton now and like you, it needs to be a VERY good count.
I'm finishing up my pre-req's to enter nursing school. I've been thinking about labor and delivery. We'll see. I think an asst would be the worst job sister is a nurse and with some of the stories she tells me, it would have to be THE WORST!!