Thursday, September 22

Ups and downs

I know, I know...I have not been a good blogger lately.  Life has just been a bit too much lately.  Today is my first day off in the past 7 days, and in that past week I worked 70 hours.  My brain is a little fried.  I'm getting a bit frustrated and grouchy, and I don't feel like I've seen my family much in the past week.

On the "up" is getting busy and last week was CRAZY, which is why I worked so much.  On the "down" side...I really don't have enough staff for that crazy of a week.  On the "up" side, most of my staff pulled together and helped out as much as they could, also on the "up" side, I'm finally starting to hire more staff. 

On the "down" side, my boss is having some health issues and I'm worried about her.  On the "up" side, I'm hoping that due to this she will actually start letting me take some of the burden off of her.

On the "down" side...why did it take almost 4 months for some of my staff to start showing their "true" I look like an idiot for not dealing with it in the first couple of months. Stressful!!!  On the "up" side, I'm dealing with it now!

On the "up" side...I actually managed to get some (very little, but it makes me happy) "decoration" added to my office this week...I got a bulletin board hung and covered it with some pretty fabric...just one more to do and hang.  On the "up" side, my office is actually fairly organized and finally makes sense, AND, it smells pretty!  I've got a candle warmer and one of my favorite apple candles on it and I'm loving it!!!!

On the "up" side...It is so nice that it isn't so blazing HOT here in Texas after day of over 100 degree temps just kills all joy!  It's nice to be able to walk outside and actually breathe!!!

Another "up", I have the day off today, I get to go to lunch at my favorite place, with some of my favorite husband, my baby sister, and a great friend.  Oh, and I have a 1 hour massage scheduled at 4:30 pm...can't wait!!! (especially since I had to cancel the last time I had one scheduled)

Another "up" least I think my boss would think that it's an "up".  I've stopped asking my staff to "please" do something and have just been telling them what I expect.  And telling them when they have ticked me off.  This is so not my personality...but I really kinda like it!!!!!

So, that's what's going on lately...more "up's" than "down's"...I'll take it!!!!


Thomas Family said...

i love your blogs! i don't get notifications though... how do i do that??? i hope you were able to get some rest. you are my hero!!!