Sunday, May 1


working dayshift is sooooo different from working nights! I don't feel like I have as much "me" time now as I did when i worked nights...probably because I was up so late every night because I couldn't sleep. Anyway, I'm enjoying my new job...just trying to figure everything out.

these past 2 weeks have been interesting. The garage door opener decided to detach itself from the ceiling and fall (with the drywall) on Jason's head so we haven't been able to put cars in the garage for 2 weeks (supposed to get that fixed this week). The kitchen sink drain got plugged and dumped water all over our laminate floor (and under it). Luckily we got it dried out and didn't have to do anything "major" and one of our friends came and helped Jason clear out the plug. The lower element in the oven burned itself in half and had to be replaced (so we couldn't use the oven for a week). 2 of the kids got sick and had to go to see Dr. Dhoot...Rehanyn just had allergies...Tristan was trying to get pneumonia (got antibiotics and is better now). I got sick on Wednesday and now have a nice case of bronchitis (got antibiotics yesterday and starting to feel better). Wednesday something caught (Jason thinks it was the hook on one of my bras) the front rubber seal on the front loader washing machine and unsealed it so currently my washing machine is unusable (not a good thing with 5 people in the house). The washing machine should get fixed tomorrow though. So yesterday and today we are doing laundry at mom and dad's house (since they are in MN right now LOL) Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!! Hopefully this is enough for this year and stuff can start to calm down now.

Back to work tomorrow with antibiotics on board...lots of meetings this week. Looking forward to my girls night out with my MCL friends next week!!!!!