Tuesday, April 12


today I went to drop off all my paperwork to Human Resources...asked the volunteer at the front desk to point me to HR and he refused to let me go back there...I had to turn in my paperwork to him...very odd!  Anyway, after that encounter, I got to go talk to my new boss and find out the plan for next week.  I'll have hospital orientation on Monday and then shadow her for the next few days.  I also got the keys to my new office!!!!  Then I went shopping at Hobby Lobby and got a cute black and white photo board for the office.  Then I stopped at the Dollar Tree and got a couple of organizational supplies for my office too.  After that I went and picked up some Navy blue scrubs...kinda wish I hadn't bought the Royal ones just 6 weeks ago. :-)  Then I had the joy of getting to have a drug screen done...just FYI...the peeps at QuestCare Lab are pretty unprofessional...and they made me feel kinda like a drug addict.  ("empty your pockets...put everything in your purse...put your purse in the box...lock the box...take the key...rinse and dry your hands, no soap...grab a cup and dump out the contents on the counter...ok, go pee, don't flush, and bring it back out...ok, wash your hands...sign this...initial this...initial this...get your stuff out of the box...you can go").  It was odd.  I've never had to lock up my purse before. 

Later, I made dinner (tenderloin...it was yummy!) and then we went to Rehanyn's 1st grade music program.  It was the last 1st grade program we will attend anytime soon....awwww.  Actually we are pretty happy abut that :-) 

Tomorrow we are gonna run by mom's so that she can hem my new scrub pants and then we are gonna hopefully go buy some fishes for the fish tank Jason decided we needed. Then I've got to go back to work for the first of my last 2 night shifts...