Wednesday, March 9

Organization...well, maybe...sorta

So...we've been trying to get a bit more organized around the thing that has bugged us is that the kids can't figure out how to "reseal" the cereal bags (in the boxes) and the cereal goes stale.  So we bought this nifty little item.  Each canister holds an entire box of cereal and keeps it fresh.  The kids love being able to dispense their own cereal by just turning the handles.  They are even having cereal for snack after school.

We also bought a magnetic knife rack.  It hangs over the stove.  This should make sure we don't cut ourselves with the knives just being stuck in a drawer.  I think it should be safer too since the kids are wanting to help more in the kitchen.

I also bought a magnetic spice rack...I didn't realize it when I bought it but it also came with spices, and I can get free spices for the next 5 years...score!!!!

I bought new canisters (only $15 for the set)  left to right:  salt, sugar, flour, rice

And we bought a food saver vacuum system.  I figured that if we were gonna try to buy food on sale and try to stock up that we should make sure that the food stays good as long as possible.  (plus, it's fun to play with...Adreyn thinks it's AWESOME!!!)

Then I spent a few hours yesterday reorganizing my coupons and putting them in a new binder.  I have ALOT of coupons!!!

We'll see how all of this works...hmmmmmmmmmm