Monday, March 7

My Stockpile

So, anyone who knows me knows that I've really gotten into using coupons lately.  Yes, I am that crazy lady at the grocery store who buys an entire cart full of groceries and then has a large stack of coupons to go along with them.  And yes, sometimes scanning the coupons takes longer than scanning the items in the cart.  But, lately, I've averaged about a $200 dollar savings every time I go on a big shopping trip.  Just recently, we also got dog food for Molly for FREE!!!!  I am loving figuring out how all this works and get sooo excited when I can stack coupons and get stuff really cheap if not free.  The other day at Kroger just by buying certain items (that I would have bought anyway) I ended up with $17 worth of coupons for money off my next purchase.  I'm also SLOWLY learning the CVS game...but that one is time consuming so I'm taking it very slowly!

Here are some pics of my stockpile...I didn't think I really had much of a stockpile until I realized that I had it stocked numerous places LOL

My new freezer (there's still room...I want to buy more bread and milk to put in there..and we are low on hamburger)

Laundry supplies

Pantry (not even the entire pantry)

Cleaning supplies

Shampoo/conditioner/body wash, hand soap

Toilet paper...this is only about 1/4 of my stock for this (Jason thinks I'm crazy...but we won't run out!)

Our bedroom closet...shampoo and conditioner, meds, deodorant, lotions, body wash, razors etc...

freezer of the fridge/freezer combo in garage  (needs to be stocked up actually LOL)

Freezer in the house...packed full!

Fridge in the house

Cheese drawer...can you tell that we like cheese?????

Anyone wanna come over for dinner????  LOL  Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Kate said...

Wow! If there's ever a natural disaster I'm hanging at your place ;-)

I live in Canada and we don't get to enjoy the benefits of couponing like you can in the US it seems. I hear you guys have double coupon days and the like. Our stores don't offer them anymore - I think it has to do with the paper or something, so I get mine of or whatever comes through the mail.

Way to go YOU! I love all your stashes of stuff - especially the TP! Girlfriend, you can never have too much TP!

Tanya said...

I do enjoy and prefer the stores that double and triple coupons. The grocery store closest to my house actually triples coupons up to $0.40 and doubles coupons up to $0.50. It sometimes makes for free stuff so it is very, very nice!