Tuesday, November 9


ok, let's see, what is going on with me?????  (I'm a poet LOL)

I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...spent sunday at work with a HORRIBLE sinus headache (I thought I was gonna die!)  Pretty much overdosed myself on sinus meds and cough meds on monday and slept ALOT and I feel a bit better today.  Today, Jason's car had a flat tire and since he had to work I was left without a car...not a big deal since I didn't really feel like going anywhere anyway.  Tomorrow, I am supposed to have another office day at work followed by NICU Support Group.  But, I don't think I'm gonna do a full office day because I still don't feel too great.  I am looking forward to Support group though...I love that group!  I work Thursday and Friday nights.  Tamra and family come into town on Saturday and Jason and I are going to a birthday party in Dallas that night (Jason's mom is watching the kids for us).  Then Sunday is another busy day...then back to work on Monday and Tuesday.  Sometimes I really wish that life would just SLOW DOWN!!!!  Oh, well, I guess I'll just deal with it as it comes along....