Friday, August 20


well, we had to force the matter of meeting with the teacher before school starts. we did get to meet with her today. I need to clarify....she is not a new teacher to the school she is just a new teacher to 2nd grade...she used to teach 5th grade. Anyway, we met with her today (and she pulled the special ed teacher into the meeting too) and went over how we want to have good communication between us and her with Tristan's schoolwork. we also discussed the non-verbal cues that we use with Tristan, and how we want her to be very structured with Tristan and not let him get away with stuff. She said that she would keep us updated regarding how Tristan is doing in school. Hopefully this will work out. Happily Tristan did surprise the special ed teacher because he sat quietly at his desk reading his textbook during the entire meeting. she said she had never seen him that quiet. Here's hoping that this year is better than the last 2.