Friday, August 6

Macaroni and cheese

So, did you realize that there are numerous ways to incorrectly "make" the so-called "easy mac"???

Well, there are...let me list the ways

1. Accidentally set the cook time on the microwave for 33 minutes instead of 3 minutes 30 seconds...that one started a fire!

2. Put too much water in....nasty runny soggy mac n' cheese

3. Cook the macaroni without adding any water...yep, doesn't work!!!!

4. Only cook the macaroni for 30 seconds, add the cheese than realize that you didn't cook it long enough

5. After only cooking for 30 seconds and adding the cheese it doesn't work when you try to put it back in the microwave for the remaining 3 minutes

6. Trying to make 2 of those little cups simultaneously...yeah, doesn't work

7. Trying to combine the contents of 2 cups and cook it that way

8. Oh, and then my favorite...decide that there is too much water left over after cooking it and just throwing it away...because you didn't realize that it would thicken up after you add the cheese and let it sit for about 3 minutes

The name of this product is just a little bit deceptive...especially if you are a 10 year old girl :-) Love you Adreyn!!!!!!


grammynurse said...

It's OK Adreyn. I hate the stuff any way it is fixed!!! Not any where near as good as your Mom makes. Love you

Kate said...

Oh my goodness! That's a lot of trial and error - hopefully she was able to reach success before she ran out!

So funny...we call that "Kraft Dinner" over here.