Friday, August 13

school schmool

It's just over a week before the kids go back to school and there is already a little bit of drama going on for Tristan. We had a meeting with the Principal back in May about planning for Tristan's 2nd grade school year. During this meeting we requested a specific teacher who had been recommended to us but the principal actually suggested a different teacher who she felt would be a better fit. Anyway, in June I reminded her that we had requested to meet his 2nd grade teacher before school started so that we could all be on the same page with Tristan and start his year great. She told us that she had decided on the teacher she recommended for him. Fine, whatever, just let her know we want to meet before school. So, today I emailed her again just as a reminder of what we had discussed. I got an email back saying that the teacher she had hand-picked for Tristan has moved out of the state and she had picked a different teacher for him. Well, this new teacher is a completely new teacher to the school. I'm just wondering why he didn't get the teacher that we specifically requested for frustrating. I'm trying to be a nice person and not B**** about this but Tristan had better have a better year this year or the B****y mommy will appear and throw a major ________ fit!!!!!!! Hopefully, this new teacher will meet with us this next week and we can have a good year for Tristan.


Kate said...

Oh my word, this would annoy me to no end. Why does the school think they know what is better for your son than YOU do?


Hope his has a good year anyway.