Thursday, June 10

Tristan's Birthday

We took the kids to RainForest Cafe for Tristan's birthday. They loved it! They were surprised when the gorillas and elephants started moving but then couldn't wait until they moved again. They also loved the rainfall wall and the HUGE fishtanks. Our table was right next to a fishtank and that kept Tristan enthralled throughout the meal :-)

We also got the kids balloon animals while we were there.
Tristan got a tree frog...

Adreyn got a giraffe

Rehanyn got a ladybug

Here's some pics of him opening presents

This was his big gift: a Nintendo DS and a Pokemon game

A Pokemon book and a Bakugan book

Today was also the last day of school so all the kids are a bit overtired.

I wasn't a good mommy today and didn't make a cake for Tristan...I did make the cookies though. He will get a cake for his birthday party next Thursday... :-)