Friday, June 25

NICU Reunion cakes...preview

Here are the pink "towers" for the "castle" cake...I have purple ones too

The top 2 cake layers for castle cake

The bottom layer of castle cake

The pirate ship cake right after I finished it

The pirate cake about 14 hours after I finished it

and tonight another piece fell the pirate ship cake is now going to be cake ball cannon balls...oh well, I tried :-) It was cute while it stayed together!

oh, now it's just cake cannons...can't get the candy coating black :-)


Tamra said...

oh no!!! and it was so cute!! =(

hope the castle cake goes better.

I had a BAD cake weekend a couple weeks ago. so annoying. And part of it was not enough black colouring so had grey icing instead. ughhh

grammynurse said...

Sooooooooo sorry. I know it is a disappointment. I was telling RayeAnn this evening how cute the pirate ship was with the pretzel rails and all. TODAY IS THE DAY!!