Wednesday, June 23

getting stuff done!!!!

I have 9 cake layers done...I've just got to stack them into their final form (heehee) and then decorate them...but I'm gonna do that tomorrow. Be thinking of me as I "sculpt" a pirate ship out of 5 stacked layers of cake...hopefully that goes well

I got all the laundry washed, dried, folded and almost completely put away ***thanks to Adreyn for all her help!!!

For dinner tonight I made homemade noodles and was soooo good!

Tonight I've been researching different methods of sculpting that pirate ship cake...I think it should go pretty smoothly...I hope!

The other layers are gonna be a "castle" cake...nothing really dramatic...lots of pink and purple with edible glitter...I'm gonna use iced sugar cones with edible glitter for the towers. I think it will be pretty cute!


Tamra said...

see? amazing!

hope the cakes go well. I'll be stalking your blog and facebook for photos =)

grammynurse said...

Ditto! Always a job well-done!! Adreyn is becoming such a big help to you. I'm glad. I think it is pay back for all the things you and your siblings helped out with around the house.