Friday, June 11


Mostly a good day...other than the kids being "bored"...I mean, really, yesterday was the last day of school and you are already bored??? We have many more boring days to go then :-).

Tristan told me this today: "I am 7 years old and all grown up, so I get to do whatever I want". Well I called Adreyn over and asked her if she gets to do whatever she wants...she said "NO" and I gently *laughing* explained to Tristan that life doesn't work that way. Oh the way kids think :-)

Tristan spent quite a bit of time today playing with his new DS...he really did well...there is ALOT of reading involved along with some fine motor skills so I think it will help keep some of his skills up.

Instead of having the kids take naps today I decided that they all had to read quietly. (Adreyn's already been doing this...except for sundays) Tristan and Rehanyn actually did really well and seemed to enjoy themselves...and I enjoyed the quiet time. Hopefully this will continue to work over the summer.

We had beef and noodles tonight...or as Tristan and Adreyn say "b'noodles" or as Ree says "white b'noodles" I'm not sure why exactly she makes the color distinction :-)

I'm thinking we may be having chicken and dumplings tomorrow...sounds sooooo yummy!!!!

Ok, that's it...they're all in bed, Jason is inputting his work from today and I'm gonna go read a book. Ta-Ta for now!!!!!


grammynurse said...

It sounds like everything is under control.