Saturday, May 15

what's up???

Well, today I took 4 pounds of Strawberries and made....

Homemade Strawberry Jam!!!!

It smells so good!

It has to sit out until tomorrow then into the fridge and freezer it goes :-)


I also took the 3 kids grocery shopping for them...not so much for me. However we got it done and all the groceries put away :-)

Yesterday I went over to Tasha's house and got her to highlight my hair for me. Right when we finished up it got really dark outside (it was noon) and then the torrential rains began. So, I stayed at Tasha's house for another hour until the storm lightened up. It was still raining when I left but was at least drivable. I guess I should say that it was driveable until I got out on Hide-a-way Lane and got to the bridge that I had to cross to be able to go home. Below is the video that I took of the water rushing across the road and down...It was like a rushing rapid!!! After watching for a couple of minutes I ventured across and made it home. I was really glad I was in the Suburban...I don't think the Aveo would have made it :-) Enjoy! Notice the rushing water on the right of the screen!


grammynurse said...

Amazing!! I don't remember it flooding there before.