Friday, May 7

Teacher Conference

Had our final Parent/Teacher Conference with Tristan's teacher...It was supposed to be last Wednesday but an hour before the meeting she called and had forgotten that since it was TAKS testing day no parents were allowed on campus. We rescheduled again for today (and gave her two options for days we were available--she picked today) and when we got there she had forgotten that we had scheduled the meeting. So we spend about 15 minutes in the office while people go to find her. We get in there and she of course isn't ready for us. We sit down and she asks if we have any questions. Jason asks if Tristan is going to be able to go to second grade or if she was gonna recommend that he be held back. She said that he would be going to 2nd grade because academically he isn't having issues. She said that "all" of his "issues" are "behavioral". She says his behaviors (unable to sit still, moving around, fussing when he has to write or read) are "disrupting the entire class" and occur "all day, every day".

Well, #1 unable to sit still---this is part of his low muscle tone...he can't sit still, it hurts his back to sit still for any length of time...even the Physical Therapist has told her that! He can't help that!!!!!!! #2 moving around---he moves around a lot because it is more comfortable for him! #3 fussing---he doesn't like to write sentences because it's difficult for him with his limited motor strength...BUT when he is encouraged he can write sentences very well!

Then she decided to review all the special "accomodations" they have for him (PT, OT, ST, and Socialization groups) as if we didn't know what therapies our kid was receiving.

After saying only negative things about him for at least 10 minutes (the only thing positive that she said was that Tristan is very smart and can do the work when he wants to) she asked if we had any questions Jason said "No, we're there something we have to sign?" Then she said, "I know you have to have something to say, you always have something to say." When Jason didn't say anything else she went on to say, "I know that you have never liked me, but I have done my best with Tristan and I hope that someday you can see that I have and that it's good." She asked me if I wanted to say anything...I just told her that I didn't have any questions and that I've seen improvements in Tristan this year (thanks to PT, OT etc....NOT thanks to her) and since I was seeing improvements I was fine.

We signed the paper and got out of there. We went straight to the office and made an appointment with the Principal to make sure that Rehanyn does NOT get this teacher next year, and we want to discuss which teacher Tristan gets for 2nd grade. We are gonna see if we can meet Tristan's 2nd grade teacher before the end of this school year so we can start the school year on the right foot and be ready to go and have us and the teacher all on the same page.

So, there's the update on the teacher stuff :-)