Tuesday, May 25

NICU Reunion...I really need to have about 6 hands not just 2!!!!

So, the NICU Reunion is in a month...yes, really, a MONTH! Invitations have to go out on Thursday...are they ready to go out? Ummmm, not quite. They are printed and the envelopes are addressed, but I still need to stamp the envelopes (with a rubber stamp, not postage stamps), stuff the envelopes, seal the envelopes, and make sure they get to the mailroom at work (so they can be postage stamped there).

About 2/3 of the items we ordered for the Reunion have arrived...YAY!!! Of course, the stuff that has to be put together...yeah, still hasn't arrived but they did say that it would for sure ship by June 6th...hopefully they aren't lying.

We have to make a HUGE treasure map to pretty much cover one big wall on the 2nd floor of the hospital (we are talking about 12x10 or so). We also have to make a ship's wheel or compass rose for another wall (about 4x5 or so). Oh, yeah, our theme is Pirates and Princesses...the first area you enter is the pirate area and then you follow the treasure map to get to the enchanted forest on the way to the castle...It should turn out pretty cute!

I have to START and finish the Reunion scrapbook from last year's Reunion...I guess I procrastinated that just a bit huh???

The week of the Reunion I have to get the cakes done for the Reunion and we have at least 15 or so hours of decorating to get in too (if not more). I have decided that I'm gonna make a pirate ship cake and then several princess cakes...at least I think that's my plan for now...we'll see :-)

Oh, and they decided to change my food order again...(for the 3rd year in a row) and they want us to do peanut butter sandwiches....UMMMM, KIDS WITH ALLERGIES...yeah lets have some anaphylaxis with our party...luckily my manager is working on this for me...

yeah, I think the Reunion is gonna kill me this year :-)


Tamra said...

in the vbs section at christianbook.com there are some ship/island type decorations. Including an inflatable ship's wheel. not sure how big though. anyway, thought i'd let you know. can't wait to see pics from this year. You're awesome!!

Tanya said...

Thanks, Tamra for the info on a ship's wheel. the problem is that it will be going on a wall in a very busy hallway so we want it one-dimensional...but thanks anyway :-)