Sunday, May 9

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

to my

Amazing Mother

She raised 4 kids while working full-time night shift (5 days a week)
She was always available for us
She made it to all of our school activities
She always planned ahead for meals and almost always had them ready on time
She sewed ALOT of our clothes growing up
I still remember waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the sewing machine going because she found it hard to sleep on the nights she wasn't at work (I totally understand that now!)
She always had the best stories from work!
The house was usually clean--often unusually clean considering there were 4 kids living there.
Overall--she is the BEST Mom ever!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day also to my sisters

Tamra--the crunchy Australia one with 3 little girls and 1 little boy who homeschools and does all the other crunchy granola momma stuff :-) Love you! Can't wait to see you in November

Tasha--the crazy one with the girly girl and crazy boy who is working for her husband and loves to shop at Kohl's and has a flip-flop addiction! Love you too and I'm glad you live close by!! (especially since you can highlight my hair for me--see you Friday!)

Debbie--the one who married into this family and has 3 kids with her and 2 in Heaven. I know these past couple weeks and years have been tough. Here's hoping they get better from here on out. Love you!!!! Hope to see you soon too!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's in my life!!!


Tamra said...

see, you can say everything that I think but can't get into words. you're awesome!! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

p.s. Catie has been reading the First Aid handbook for fun. And loves watching the "hospital shows" the reality tv shows that follow people through hospital visits/stays/surgeries/etc. I'm thinking she might be another nurse. =)

Tanya said...

I'll have to take Catie up to work with me for a visit when you guys are here. She'd love to see the tiny babies I bet :-)

Anonymous said...

Awwww,so sweet :-) I couldn't ask for a better 2nd Mom and three wonderful sisters. I love you all soooo very much!! Happy Moms Day to you all! <3