Sunday, September 21

quick update

We've stayed busy this week. Work kept Jason and I both busy this week. Adreyn and Tristan had a pretty good week at school. Adreyn did find out that to pass a spelling test you do need to study so will be working on that this week. :-) Rehanyn had fun with us at home--she is still a stinker but we seem to be getting a routine for the time when Tristan is at school.

Friday we had a family garage sale at our house. Mom and Tasha brought all their stuff over to our front yard and we got started around 9:30 am. We went until 3:30 pm when the temp was about 90 degrees and we were all sunburned. Thanks also to Jason and Dad who stayed out there with us (Rehanyn too). Mom and I had both worked Thursday night so we both worked the garage sale without sleep. Mom was a bit grumpy but I did okay. I went to bed at 6:30 pm after a very brief supper (Thank God for pizza hut!!!) and slept until 7am. We actually all slept until 7am--we were woken up by mom, dad, tasha, phil, ashleigh, and justin ringing our doorbell (we were supposed to be up around 6:15) Oh, well--we got going and had another good day and sold lots of stuff. Tasha made the most money this time (it was her turn--the last two she barely made anything), mom was next in line and I followed up at the bottom for earnings--however, all together we made over $1000.00 so not too shabby. We are all sunburned--me the worst as usual. My nose really, really hurts--as does the top of my head! Today was just an easy day--I didn't feel good--think I got a bit too much sun in the last 2 days. The kids had great fun yesterday with Ashleigh and Justin. Now we just need CCA to come pick up the left over junk from the garage sale (it's sitting in the garage right now).

We will be busy again this week--I have 4 12 hour shifts scheduled plus 5 meetings this week. This is Jason's busy time of each month. So this week should be crazy--but I guess that's how we like it, huh?

Tomorrow my plan is to fold the huge pile of laundry that is waiting for me (haven't done laundry since wednesday due to work and the sale) and get ready to go to work. :-)

Hope everyone has a great week and gets everything accomplished that needs to get done. I sure hope I manage to!

P.S. How is it that my quick updates are always some of my longest posts?? Haven't quite figured that out :-{


grammynurse said...

What do you mean? Grumpy!X! I was downright nasy. I'm sorry. Should never have tried for that 30 min nap. I'm getting rested. Hope CCa gets there Mon so the garage can be cleared.