Friday, September 5

Happy 9th Birthday Adreyn!!!!

Today my oldest turned 9. It is hard to believe. Here are some pictures of her opening her presents:

3 music CD's (Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Disney's Greatest)

I didn't get a good picture of this one but if you look in her lap--yes that little clear box--it is Adreyn's absolute favorite gift of all--an iPOD shuffle!!!

A Hannah Montana poster to put up in her room.

Adreyn had a good birthday, snacks at school, gifts from mom and dad (an iPOD!!!), and a fun birthday party with friends and family.

We love you, Miss A!!!

(yes she opened her gifts in the car--we ran out of time between school and party!)


Tamra said...

an iPod!! She's more with the new technology than me. =) Where's the pics of the party?? And Ashleigh's cake?? C'mon nosy people need to know!!!

Tanya said...

I know--I don't have an iPod either! She is so happy though. I'll try to get party pics up sometime today. I'll let Tasha post pics of Ashleigh's cake--she needs to post something!!!

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say happy belated birthday to Adreyn, Tristan, and Rehanyn. It looks like the kids are finding a lot to keep them busy with. I guess I am pretty outdated too; since I don't have an ipod either. Thanks for keeping us up to date on pictures and all. I will try to send you some pictures sometime, but I can't say quite when.

Conrad turned seven Friday, and he is happy to have a new 20 inch bike. We only hope he rides it safely. Talk to you all later. Regina and family