Tuesday, September 2


Well, today we got to have a teacher conference with Tristan's teacher. Note that this teacher requested a conference on the 2nd day of school. Well, we go in not knowing exactly what will be addressed. Please remember that Tristan just turned 5 in June and he has a speech delay so we have been concentrating on his speech so that his teacher can understand him. Well, what we had a conference about--that he needs a finger positioner for his pencil, he doesn't know how to write his name and he gets sidetracked easily. Isn't that what kindergarten is for?? I mean that is where you LEARN to write your name and LEARN to stay on task. I know Adreyn didn't hold her pencil correctly in Kindergarten and we didn't have to have a conference about it. Why should we be happy that he can already sight read 200 words (big words too) and count and add and knows the alphabet? Apparently kids aren't supposed to LEARN in kindergarten anymore--they are just supposed to be "reinforced" or something??? How many little kids do you know that don't get sidetracked easily when they are bored and when they haven't been in school previously? Anyway--in case anyone was interested in knowing how our teacher conference went--here ya go! I know we are both frustrated but really--it's only been one week of school--give the kid a chance. Plus, don't think it's going to help that his teacher (whose baby is 6 weeks old) is taking 4 weeks off starting next monday. Lots of consistency there for the kids, huh.

Okay--enough ranting--just had to get it out.