Friday, June 17

1. What is your favorite summer time activity?    taking the kids to the pool

2. Do you have one laundry soap you stick to, or do you buy whatever's on sale?  I prefer to use All free and clear, but if I can get a good deal on something else I'll pick it up too.

3. What is your favorite dinner to make in the summer?  I don't have any specific summer meals but I guess that it would probably be hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill...but then, I don't make it, my husband does :-)

4. Do you have any talents?  Hmmmm, well, of I gonna list them here...probably not :-) 

5. If you could instantly be an expert in something, what would it be? Why?  I'd like to be an expert about 3 minutes only.  Why??  Because maybe, just maybe, I'd understand my husband...but I probably wouldn't :-)