Tuesday, September 1


Rehanyn turned 5 yesterday. It is hard to believe that our baby is 5 years old! She loved her gifts and is looking forward to the family birthday party on Saturday...I'll post pics later...or you can just go on FaceBook to see them.

Tristan was able to go back to school on Monday...he is still coughing a bit at night and has a bad runny nose but other than that it seems more like just allergies now.

Adreyn is doing pretty well...we have been having some "accidents" around the house lately...like today she managed to "accidentally" break the curtain rod over her window, and then "accidentally" the lighthouse snowglobe in the bathroom "fell on the floor, all by itself" and shattered tonight. She does come by her klutziness honestly though :-)

Jason is still busy...which is a good thing. Today he only had a couple appointments so was able to do some shopping with me and we went out to lunch. It's nice being able to have time away with just us :-)

I managed to pick up whatever bug Tristan had and was feeling pretty cruddy on Sunday and Monday (Ree's birthday) but have felt better today...I just have to take my sinus meds and then I do all right.

Tomorrow night Jason and I have a babysitter coming over in the evening so we can have another date night...we are looking forward to that!

Today we bought a new bed set for our bed...it is soooo pretty. I'll have to take pics and post them. We got a pretty good deal, a sheet set, comforter, bedskirt, 2 shams and 4 decorative pillows for $70. Not too bad huh! :-)

Saturday is Adreyn's birthday and we have planned a (half of the family) family get-together for that evening...Mom and Dad get back from Australia that day, too. We will be having a family birthday party for Rehanyn (August 31st), Adreyn (September 5th), and Ashleigh (September 10th). We should have a good time. Adreyn is really excited about her birthday. I think we will have a party for her with a couple of her school friends on the weekend of the 18th. These birthdays crept up on me too fast!!!