Tuesday, September 22

Swine, Swine go away!!!

Well, I got to take Rehanyn to Dr. Dhoot today because she started running a high fever and was just generally not my normal little hyper scattered little girl. She was just lying listlessly around the house and falling asleep in her chair and stuff like that...and for anyone that knows my little girl...that is SOOOO NOT Rehanyn!!!

So, took her to the doctor and described her symptoms and he decided to get a nasal swab to check for flu...well Ree did NOT appreciate that...she looked at me like it was all my fault and like she couldn't believe that I let the nurse do that to her :-)

The test was supposed to take 11 minutes but we were notified of a diagnosis in about 5 minutes...hmmm. Well, Rehanyn has Influenza A...which they are assuming is H1N1 (also known as Swine flu). So, Rehanyn won't be going to school until next Monday, and the entire family is now on Tamiflu. Tristan and Adreyn are still allowed to go to school unless they start running a fever. Hopefully by starting Tamiflu we can keep the rest of us from getting sick. I really am expecting though that Tristan will be out of school probably by Thursday...he manages to catch any and every type of illness that goes around...

So that was my fun today...now we are trying to get Tristan to finish school work that he didn't complete at school today...it's not going very well...he is getting really frustrated (as are we g-( )


Tamra said...

poor baby. I hope the rest of you stay healthy. love you