Tuesday, September 29

Fun, Fun, Tooth Fairy Fun!

So, I was at work on Friday...working short staffed (we needed 2 more nurses), we had the most sick babies we have ever had in the NICU, (we had 8 ventilators in use---crazy!!!!). I was running around like crazy (well, okay, more crazy than usual)...................................and for some reason my text message alert on my cell phone kept going off, over and over :-) Well, after my husband called me on the regular phone I got to check my text messages and this is what I found...at 7:29 he sent this one

Then at 7:49 I got this one LOL

My crazy, silly boy had pulled both of his top front teeth about 20 minutes apart. While those teeth were loose, they really weren't loose enough to pull...but I guess Tristan decided that it was time those babies came out...either that or he decided that he wanted some tooth fairy money!!!
Here are some more pics of our toothless wonder! LOL!!!!!