Friday, August 28


Well, meeting yesterday got cancelled...which I found out when I got to the parking lot at work...nothing like last minute!

Well, We sat through 2 hours of parent orientations (I got to see the school orientation powerpoint for the 3rd time). We got home and both the little kids were already asleep :-) Adreyn quickly got into bed and Jason started to finish up his work for the day.

Well, At 10:00 we heard the sound we hate coming from the little kids room. Tristan was coughing a horrible barking cough. So we got to put him in the bathtub and start nebs. It took about 30 minutes but we finally got his cough to stop. He is here at home with me today...Nothing like getting sick the first week of school. Apparently he is the 4th kid in his class to be out sick this week...frustrating!

Well, He was running a fever last night but seems pretty good today...hopefully we caught this early and he will be able to get back to school on monday...