Sunday, August 23


What has happened since I last posted?

* Contractor picked
* Mom and Dad went to Australia
* Work is keeping Jason and I so busy I don't remember alot else we've done
* The kids still LOVE their babysitter and it's been nice being able to sleep during the day :-)
* Jason loves that he doesn't have to take the kids to work with him
* Laptop died
* New PINK laptop bought
* New mini laptop bought for Jason
* School clothes bought
* School shoes bought
* I ran into the garage with the Surburban
* Kids have been doing "crafts" (lots of glue and tape being used!)
* Teacher lists were posted...
* Teachers have been met
* School supplies have been organized in classrooms
* Justin and Ashleigh spent the night
* We are very ready for school to start!!!!!
* Roof construction done and complete except for gutters
* Rehanyn got Tristan's kindergarten teacher (the one we like!)
* Tristan didn't get the teacher that we were worried about (Yay!!!)
* Adreyn's teacher seems a little ditzy (hope we're wrong :-) )
* ummm, there's more but after working all night I can't remember :-)

Here's a couple pics