Wednesday, August 26


Kids have been enjoying school. Jason and I have been enjoying the fact that all 3 of them are in school during the day :-)

Today was interesting...
Kids were in school, I was going shopping for birthday presents, and Jason was working in Keller

While I was at the bank I got a call from Jason. He was calling because he accidentally drove into a HUGE pothole while trying to figure out a back roads way between 2 major areas. When he drove into that pothole it apparently managed to smash part of the undercarriage of the car up into the a/c compressor...making the car undriveable. So I drove to Keller and sat in the Surburban with him waiting for the tow truck to arrive. After we had been waiting for an hour Jason called the tow company and found that they were still 30 minutes out. So, we decided to cancel the tow company and go rent a car dolly to take the car home ourselves. We found a U-Haul company who rented car dollies but when we tried to connect it to the surburban we ended up having difficulties with connecting the lights so ended up having to rent a U-Haul truck to tow the car on the dolly. Anyway, we managed to get that all done and get home before the kids got out of school. When we arrived home we found that the gutters were finally being installed. YAY!!! Anyway, took back the U-HAUL, and then Jason started working on the car.

We had beef and noodles for dinner YUMMY!!! Then while Jason kept on trying to get the car fixed I got to go to school for 4th grade parent orientation. When I got home Philip was there helping Jason out...and thankfully they managed to get the car fixed and driveable!!!

So that's been our day today...

Tomorrow, I am gonna try to get that shopping done, I have a massage in the morning, I have a mandatory meeting at work at 4pm, then in the evening we have Kindergarten parent orientation at 6pm, and 1st grade parent orientation at 7pm....Hopefully, I can get it all done :-)