Tuesday, January 6

Back to school!

Yay!!! Christmas break is over and 2 of the kids are back in school!!! Now just to get Rehanyn in school in 8 months! Rehanyn was definitely missing the big kids today but we made it through. It just doesn't help when mommy is sleepy :-) She was asking for lunch at 9 am. You would think we never feed the child!

Tristan had a good day at school yesterday....got in trouble today for "not following directions"--whatever that means. His teacher has instituted a new "discipline" plan that she tried to explain to the parents in writing--it's as clear as mud to us though so not sure how well the kids will do with it. Yesterday something happened (we aren't sure if his lunch was left at home or what) but Tristan didn't eat lunch. If he forgot his lunch at home why weren't we called about it. And if he didn't eat his lunch I think I should have at least gotten a note about it. I'm so frustrated. We have a meeting with the principal tomorrow so hopefully will get this figured out.

At some point we need to take down the Christmas tree--maybe this weekend.

Adreyn has a birthday party to go to this weekend so she is excited about that!

That's about it for exciting information.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I know Kindergarten can be tough for little guys especially. We got a call the first week of school for what I would think was not a big deal with Conrad in K. It always scares you though. It takes a lot of determination to keep up with what is going on in the school. I try to always be positive when the teachers have a criticsm. It sounds like you are both looking out for him!!!! I hope the year gets easier.

Love, Regina