Saturday, October 4

What have I been doing???

Well, I've organized all the kids dresser drawers (and changed up where things go--just to confuse Jason a little :-) It's more fun that way!) I've purged clothes out of those same drawers and filled them up with all the clothes that still fit and are for cooler weather (whenever it deigns to show up). In purging all those clothes I have now gotten a huge amount of clothes to sell on ebay. So I am now organizing all those clothes, photographing them, downloading the photos to the computer and then to auctiva (a great website for auction layouts), and getting ready to put them on ebay. Suffice it to say that my living room is a bit trashed. However the kids rooms look great!!!

CCA finally came on Friday and picked up all the leftovers from the garage sale so we can park in the garage again--yea!!!!!

We went shopping last night and got new pants for Tristan as he has outgrown most of his. We also found some pajamas for both Tristan and Rehanyn.

That's about it for this week. On to next week--my busy work week.........