Wednesday, October 29

A few minutes in the life of Rehanyn

Rehanyn is so lonely now that Tristan is in school that she now thinks that Mommy's only job is to entertain her. I thought I'd share how just a few minutes with Rehanyn goes:

R: mommy, are you sleeping
M: yes, honey--climb up in bed with me
R: can we watch noggin?
M: sure, get me the remote
R: here's the remote--I wanna watch noggin momma, please turn on noggin momma, can you turn on noggin please, please momma
M: here--now sit still and let mommy rest
R: ok, mommy, have a good sleep
(less than 30 seconds later)
R: mommy can I have salami and white cheese for lunch, and red cheetos and some diet coke-coke? (she only eats the regular orange cheetos but for some reason has decided they are red)
M: not now Re, it's only 7:30 in the morning--you just had breakfast
R: oh, yeah, sorry, mommy
R: Can we go to Red Robin for mac n cheese
M: Rehanyn, we'll have to see--let mommy sleep for a little bit longer
R: oh, I forgot, sorry
(maybe 2 minutes later)
R: Mommy can I eat lunch out with you and sit in daddys chair and have salami, white cheese, turkey, red cheetos, and diet coke-coke?
(I decide to just get up)
R: Can I watch tv out with you?
M: Sure
R: can you turn on noggin, where is the remote, I want to watch noggin mommy, I really want to watch noggin, where is noggin mommy, can you put on noggin?
M: Please chill, Re--give me a minute
R: Oh, sorry
(maybe 1 minute later)
R: so mommy, are you gonna get up and take a shower and get dressed and then we can go to Kroger and get salami and white cheese and turkey, and then go to Red Robin and get mac n cheese, and then come home and go to sleep in your bed, and you can sleep with me, and I can have a snack after I wake up, and mommy look, it's Miss Spider's Sunny Patch
M: Re, give me a sec to wake up--it's not even close to time to eat so just sit and watch Miss Spider's Sunny Patch, okay
R: Oh, sorry
R: Momma, what are you doing? Are you working on the computer? Can I play on the computer and push the buttons? are you gonna get up and take a shower, and get dressed and then we can go to Kroger.................

and on and on it goes

Is it bad to tell your kid to just be quiet and please, pretty please leave you alone for just 5 minutes? Cause that's what I did and for the next 5 minutes I "shush"ed her any time she opened her mouth. OOOPS bad mommy alert, huh.

Anyone want an extremely talkative 4 year old??? I'll let you borrow her--you'll just have to keep her at least 4 hours or so. (you won't want to talk again the rest of the week....) :-) I love her to death but man, some days I really wanna gag her :-)


grammynurse said...

Great dialog. Sounds just like the other day. Whe is a chatterer

Debbie said...

HA HA HA! I laughed SO hard! I think it was so funny, cause we talked about it on the phone last night, and I could hear the "whine" in your voice! :) Gotta love it!
Miss you guys!