Monday, October 27

I so, absolutely, did NOT...

In the last week I:

*Did NOT have a 5 pm meeting at work on monday and then work all night
*Did NOT have a class at 7:30 am on tuesday, then a meeting at 9 am, then taught a class at 6 pm, and THEN worked all night (I got about 4 hours of interrupted sleep)
*Did NOT have a meeting at 7:30 am on Wednesday, then dropped the car off to be inspected, then went to visit with mom while the car was being inspected, then to bed, then a meeting at 6:30 pm and THEN couldn't fall asleep until 3am
*Did NOT have Jason let me sleep in until 9:15 and then just let Rehanyn get into bed with me and watch TV while I slept until 10:30, then Rehanyn and I went to Party City, Red Robin for lunch, and Hobby Lobby, then we laid down for a nap (only way Re will sleep usually) and mommy napped but not Re, then made beef and noodles for dinner, made 3 hooded towels (the girls ones turned out so cute--I wish I got pictures) and once again couldn't go to sleep until 2 am.
*Did NOT wake up at 7am because I had a 3 tier cake to make for a baby shower at work.
*Did NOT finish baking the cakes at 11:30 just to realize I had to go to the store to buy eggs and powdered sugar for the icing.
*Did NOT finally finish decorating the cakes at 3pm just in time to crawl in bed for a VERY short nap until having to get up to take the cakes to work for the baby shower at 5:30pm
*Did NOT have to work all night on very little sleep with 2 very vocal nurses who gave my poor sleepless head a raging headache!!! I did NOT thank God that Wanissa was there to keep me sane!
*Did NOT have to go back to work the next night and work with those same 2 nurses who talked about topics that I never wanted to know about regarding their personal lives.
*Did NOT go home with another raging headache due to the same vocal nurses.
*Did NOT go home, give my kids Special K bars for breakfast and climb directly into bed so I could finish my book and go to sleep.
*Did NOT have to go back to work that night so I could spend another shift with one of those vocal nurses who once again gave me a raging headache. I did NOT thank God that at least they weren't both there to have to listen to.
*Did NOT come home and wrap myself up in my heated throw and watch Ghost Whisperer and Extreme Home Makeover until 10:30 and then crawl into bed and apparently go to sleep with my glasses on so that Jason had to try to take my glasses off without waking me at 2:45 when he came home to pick up Adreyn and Tristan from school.
*Did NOT make beef and noodles again tonight (Jason did request it and the kids do love it) and then not watch it closely so it stuck to the bottom of the pan (just a little bit :-{)
*Did NOT just spend a couple hours on Facebook Groups
*Did NOT just spend time writing this post and shaking my head about how screwed up my life is :-)

Enjoy the pictures of the cake for the baby shower


wanissa said...

oh my goodness your week i think was worse than my week from hel..

Tamra said...

wow, super busy. cute cake. At first I couldn't figure out the colours because my eyes were all messed up from reading on your red background. =) Miss chatting to you on MSN. Talk to you soon!!