Friday, August 22


Okay, gonna say right up front--I'm exhausted. I've worked the last 2 nights and am staying up today with the kids so Jason can work. Soooo, if this ends up making no sense or there is gibberish or lots of misspellings blame it on my numb brain.

This week has been good. Monday we finally got Tristan registered for Kindergarten. We waited for forever for the shot records to be faxed over from the doctors office--they couldn't spell our last name, surprise, surprise. This even though on the voicemail I left requesting the shot records I slowly and carefully spelled out our last name and each of the kids names---"Halbmaier--H-a-l-b as in boy-m as in man-a-i-e-r" but apparently that was just to easy so they spelled it with a d and an n I think. Whatever! At least he is registered.

Work has been stressing Jason out--his volume has dropped off and his "boss" is frustrating him so its been a little nerve-wracking here at home.

Adreyn is very excited to go back to school--being home is "boring". It is hard to believe that she will be 9 in 2 weeks. Luckily we haven't had any more cooking incidents :-).

Tristan is starting to get excited about school. I think what has excited him most though is his Buzz Lightyear backpack.

Rehanyn really wants to go to school but I've been telling her that Tristan and Adreyn being in school means that she gets lots of Mommy time so I think that she is excited about that. She's always had Tristan with her so I think the transition of him being in school may be a little tough for her.

This morning at 8am was "meet the teacher" at school and so we got to go meet both Adreyn and Tristan's teachers, see their classrooms, and organize their supplies. Tristan was jumping up and down to see his name written on so many different spots in the classroom.

Work is good for me--working a bit extra this week and next to get a little extra for the kids birthday party in 2 weeks.

Other than that--nothing else much going on.