Sunday, August 24


Here's a new blog info about me list

7 Things to do before I die...

1. Sky-dive--okay, okay, so they would have to push me out of the plane but I still want to do it someday

2. I would say get back to my high-school weight but that would probably mean I've contracted some kind of fatal disease that is making me waste away :-)

3. Know that my kids know that I love them more than anything and would do anything for them

4. Go to Europe

5. Get a tummy tuck--it's amazing what having 3 kids can do to you!!!

6. Catch up on all the sleep I've lost

7. Win the lottery--I can always hope!!!!

7 Things I can do....

1. Rescusitate an infant

2. Make a wedding cake

3. Make great homemade noodles

4. Use a computer with some skill

5. Blog

6. Be a friend

7. Love my family

7 Things I can't do

1. Dance

2. Not worry about my kids

3. cry on demand

4. fix my extended family

5. shut up

6. write a book

7. not fuss about work

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex.

1. Arms

2. Hair

3. someone who loves me

4. Genuine love for family and friends.

5. Sense of humor

6. Love for life

7. A good father

7 Things I say often

1. What sounds good for supper?

2. I don't wanna go to work

3. I need to go grocery shopping

4. Does this look okay on me?

5. What now?

6. Are we ready?

7. I love you!

7 Celebrity admirations - no crushs...

1. Patrick Swayze--hands down gorgeous!!!

2. Sam Elliot

3. Sean Connery

4. Patrick Dempsey

5. The guys on Army Wives

6. Rob Lowe

7. Sawyer on LOST--he could call me "freckles" any day ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this :-)


Tamra said... says no crushes!!! =) you got some hotties too. But I still prefer Matthew =)