Sunday, December 12

what's up???

We had Tasha, Phil, Ashleigh, and Justin, and Tamra, Josh, Catie, Emma, Beka, and Nathan over for dinner Friday night.  We had breakfast for dinner...Chocolate chip pancakes (with syrup!  of course), hashbrowns, bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast burritos.  It was very yummy!!!!  Thanks to Jason, Tamra, Tasha, and Phil for helping me cook!  This was 9 kids in my actually wasn't too bad actually.  I love that all the cousins play so well together! (yes, I forgot to take pictures)

Saturday morning we went to see the Flower Mound Christmas Parade with Tamra and family, and Tasha and family.  Even though we've lived here for almost 11 years its the first time we've ever gone.  The kids all behaved so well and thought that it was the coolest thing that they could just sit on the curb and people would give them candy!!!!  (forgot to take pictures again)

Saturday afternoon we all went over to Tasha's house for a little get-together we had arranged for people to come see Tamra while she is in town.  The kids wore themselves out playing again (the trampoline at Aunt Tasha's house is a big hit!!!).  We got to see some people we hadn't seen in a long time and had a good time remembering when we were all in school.  (and yes, forgot to take pictures again...sue me...)

It's been a busy weekend and looking like it will be a busy week this next week.  Jason will be busy with work and I have 5 shifts scheduled next week.  The kids have school christmas party's on thursday and an early release on friday.  It is hard to believe that Christmas is in 2 weeks...